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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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I walked on, still delighted with the rude beauties
of the scene; for the sublime often gave place imperceptibly
to the beautiful, dilating the emotions
which were painfully concentrated.

When we entered this abode, the largest I had yet
seen, I was introduced to a numerous family; but the
father, from whom I was led to expect so much entertainment,
was absent. The lieutenant consequently
was obliged to be the interpreter of our reciprocal
compliments. The phrases were awkwardly transmitted,
it is true; but looks and gestures were sufficient
to make them intelligible and interesting. The
girls were all vivacity, and respect for me could
scarcely keep them from romping with my host,
who, asking for a pinch of snuff, was presented with
a box, out of which an artificial mouse, fastened to the
bottom, sprang. Though this trick had doubtless been
played time out of mind, yet the laughter it excited
was not less genuine.

They were overflowing with civility; but, to prevent
their almost killing my babe with kindness, I was
obliged to shorten my visit; and two or three of the
girls accompanied us, bringing with them a part of
whatever the house afforded to contribute towards
rendering my supper more plentiful; and plentiful in
fact it was, though I with difficulty did honour to some
of the dishes, not relishing the quantity of sugar and
spices put into everything. At supper my host told
me bluntly that I was a woman of observation, for I
asked him men’s questions.

The arrangements for my journey were quickly made.

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