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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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the stomach. As the dinner advances, pardon me for
taking up a few minutes to describe what, alas! has
detained me two or three hours on the stretch observing,
dish after dish is changed, in endless rotation,
and handed round with solemn pace to each guest;
but should you happen not to like the first dishes, which
was often my case, it is a gross breach of politeness to
ask for part of any other till its turn comes. But have
patience, and there will be eating enough. Allow me
to run over the acts of a visiting day, not overlooking
the interludes.

Prelude a luncheon—then a succession of fish, flesh,
and fowl for two hours, during which time the dessert—I
was sorry for the strawberries and cream—rests on
the table to be impregnated by the fumes of the viands.
Coffee immediately follows in the drawing-room, but
does not preclude punch, ale, tea and cakes, raw salmon,
&c. A supper brings up the rear, not forgetting the
introductory luncheon, almost equalling in removes
the dinner. A day of this kind you would imagine
sufficient; but a to-morrow and a to-morrow——A
never-ending, still-beginning feast may be bearable,
perhaps, when stern winter frowns, shaking with
chilling aspect his hoary locks; but during a summer,
sweet as fleeting, let me, my kind strangers, escape
sometimes into your fir groves, wander on the margin
of your beautiful lakes, or climb your rocks, to view
still others in endless perspective, which, piled by
more than giant’s hand, scale the heavens to intercept
its rays, or to receive the parting tinge of lingering
day—day that, scarcely softened into twilight, allows

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