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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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charm in tenderness! It is so delightful to love our
fellow-creatures, and meet the honest affections as they
break forth. Still, my good friend, I begin to think
that I should not like to live continually in the country
with people whose minds have such a narrow range:
My heart would frequently be interested; but my mind
would languish for more companionable society.

The beauties of nature appear to me now even more
alluring than in my youth, because my intercourse
with the world has formed without vitiating my taste.
But, with respect to the inhabitants of the country, my
fancy has probably, when disgusted with artificial
manners, solaced itself by joining the advantages of
cultivation with the interesting sincerity of innocence,
forgetting the lassitude that ignorance will naturally
produce. I like to see animals sporting, and
sympathise in their pains and pleasures. Still I love
sometimes to view the human face divine, and trace the
soul, as well as the heart, in its varying lineaments.

A journey to the country, which I must shortly make,
will enable me to extend my remarks.—Adieu!

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