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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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Perhaps this observation has been made before; but it
did not occur to me till I saw the waves continually
beating against the bare rocks, without ever receding to
leave a sediment to harden.

The wind was fair, till we had to tack about in
order to enter Laurvig, where we arrived towards
three o’clock in the afternoon. It is a clean, pleasant
town, with a considerable iron-work, which gives life
to it.

As the Norwegians do not frequently see travellers,
they are very curious to know their business, and who
they are — so curious, that I was half tempted to adopt
Dr. Franklin’s plan, when travelling in America, where
they are equally prying, which was to write on a paper,
for public inspection, my name, from whence I came,
where I was going, and what was my business. But if
I were importuned by their curiosity, their friendly
gestures gratified me. A woman coming alone
interested them. And I know not whether my weariness
gave me a look of peculiar delicacy, but they
approached to assist me, and inquire after my wants, as
if they were afraid to hurt, and wished to protect me.
The sympathy I inspired, thus dropping down from the
clouds in a strange land, affected me more than it
would have done had not my spirits been harassed by
various causes — by much thinking — musing almost to
madness — and even by a sort of weak melancholy that
hung about my heart at parting with my daughter for
the first time.

You know that, as a female, I am particularly
attached to her; I feel more than a mother’s fondness

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