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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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a mock representative, are a manly race; for not being
obliged to submit to any debasing tenure in order to
live, or advance themselves in the world, they act with
an independent spirit. I never yet have heard of
anything like domineering or oppression, excepting such
as has arisen from natural causes. The freedom the
people enjoy may, perhaps, render them a little
litigious, and subject them to the impositions of cunning
practitioners of the law; but the authority of office is
bounded, and the emoluments of it do not destroy its

Last year a man who had abused his power was
cashiered, on the representation of the people to the
bailiff of the district.

There are four in Norway who might with propriety
be termed sheriffs; and from their sentence an appeal,
by either party, may be made to Copenhagen.

Near most of the towns are commons, on which the
cows of all the inhabitants, indiscriminately, are
allowed to graze. The poor, to whom a cow is
necessary, are almost supported by it. Besides, to render
living more easy, they all go out to fish in their own
boats, and fish is their principal food.

The lower class of people in the towns are in general
sailors; and the industrious have usually little ventures
of their own that serve to render the winter

With respect to the country at large, the importation
is considerably in favour of Norway.

They are forbidden, at present, to export corn or rye
on account of the advanced price.

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