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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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mind. Even now I begin to long to hear what you are
doing in England and France. My thoughts fly from
this wilderness to the polished circles of the world, till
recollecting its vices and follies, I bury myself in the
woods, but find it necessary to emerge again, that I
may not lose sight of the wisdom and virtue which
exalts my nature.
What a long time it requires to know ourselves ; and
yet almost every one has more of this knowledge than
he is willing to own, even to himself. I cannot im-
mediately determine whether I ought to rejoice at
having turned over in this solitude a new page in the
history of ray own heart, though I may venture to
assure you that a further acquaintance with mankind
only tends to increase my respect for your judgment
and esteem for your character. Farewell !
I HAVE once more, my friend, taken flight, for I left
Tonsberg yesterday, but with an intention of returning
in my way back to Sweden.
The road to Laurvig is very fine, and the country
the best cultivated in Norway. I never before admired
the beech tree, and when I met stragglers here they
pleased me still less. Long and lank, they would have
forced me to allow that the line of beauty requires some
curves, if the stately pine, standing near, erect, throw-

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