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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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nous, I am of the same opinion. You must not term
this innuendo saucy, for it does not come home.
If I had not determined to write I should have found
my confinement here, even for three or four days,
tedious. I have no books; and to pace up and down
a small room, looking at tiles overhung by rocks, soon
becomes wearisome. I cannot mount two hundred steps
to walk a hundred yards many times in the day. Be-
sides, the rocks, retaining the heat of the sun, are in-
tolerably warm. I am, nevertheless, very well; for
though there is a shrewdness in the character of these
people, depraved by a sordid love of money which re-
pels me, still the comparisons they force me to make
keep my heart calm by exercising my understanding.
Everywhere wealth commands too much respect, but
here almost exclusively; and it is the only object pur-
sued, not through brake and briar, but over rocks and
waves; yet of what use would riches be to me, I have
sometimes asked myself, were I confined to live in such
a spot? I could only relieve a few distressed objects,
perhaps render them idle, and all the rest of life would
be a blank.
My present journey has given fresh force to my
opinion that no place is so disagreeable and unimprov-
ing as a country town. I should like to divide my time
between the town and country; in a lone house, with
the business of farming and planting, where my mind
would gain strength by solitary musing, and in a
metropolis to rub off the rust of thought, and polish
the taste which the contemplation of nature had ren-
dered just. Thus do we wish as we float down the

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