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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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The evening was extremely calm and beautiful. Not
being able to walk, I requested a boat as the only means
of enjoying free air.
The view of the town was now extremely fine. A
huge rocky mountain stood up behind it, and a vast
cliif stretched on each side, forming a semicircle. In
a recess of the rocks was a clump of pines, amongst
which a steeple rose picturesquely beautiful.
The churchyard is almost the only verdant spot in
the place. Here, indeed, friendship extends beyond the
grave, and to grant a sod of earth is to accord a favour.
I should rather choose, did it admit of a choice, to sleep
in some of the caves of the rocks, for I am become
better reconciled to them since I climbed their craggy
sides last night, listening to the finest echoes I ever
heard. We had a French horn with us, and there was
an enchanting wildness in the dying away of the rever-
beration that quickly transported me to Shakespeare’s
magic island. Spirits unseen seemed to walk abroad,
and flit from cliff to cliff to soothe my soul to peace.
I reluctantly returned to supper, to be shut up in a
warm room, only to view the vast shadows of the rocks
extending on the slumbering waves. I stood at the
window some time before a buz/; filled the drawing-
room, and now and then the dashing of a solitary oar
rendered the scene still more solemn.
Before I came here I could scarcely have imagined
that a simple object (rocks) could have admitted of so
many interesting combinations, always grand and often
sublime. Good night ! God bless you !

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