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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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tired Nature found repose, in spite of the previous

With the grey of the morn the birds awoke me; and
descending to inquire for the horses, I hastened through
the apartment I have already described, not wishing to
associate the idea of a pigstye with that of a human

I do not now wonder that the girls lose their fine
complexions at such an early age, or that love here is
merely an appetite to fulfil the main design of
Nature, never enlivened by either affection or

For a few posts we found the horses waiting; but
afterwards I was retarded, as before, by the peasants,
who, taking advantage of my ignorance of the
language, made me pay for the fourth horse that ought
to have gone forward to have the others in readiness,
though it had never been sent. I was particularly
impatient at the last post, as I longed to assure myself
that my child was well.

My impatience, however, did not prevent my
enjoying the journey. I had six weeks before passed over
the same ground; still it had sufficient novelty to
attract my attention, and beguile, if not banish, the
sorrow that had taken up its abode in my heart. How
interesting are the varied beauties of Nature, and what
peculiar charms characterise each season ! The purple
hue which the heath now assumed gave it a degree of
richness that almost exceeded the lustre of the young
green of spring, and harmonised exquisitely with the
rays of the ripening corn. The weather was

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