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(1920) [MARC] Author: Anatolij Nekljudov - Tema: War, Russia
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strange people; odi et amo; an epic hero—An old acquaintance
reappears—Ferreting out a secret—Russian official personages pass
through Sweden—M. Peter Struve—The Poles—The Lithuanians and
Lithuania—M. Itchas—Other typically Russian silhouettes
I go to Petrograd—Conversation with Sazonoff—General Polivanoff’s
opinion as to Rumanian help—Rumania’s difficult position—I see my
successor in Sofia again; M. Savinsky on Balkan affairs; what he tells
me and what he does not tell me—M. Stürmer appointed President of
the Council—The Emperor present at the Duma—Prince N.
Galitzyn—Prince Alexander of Oldenburg—M. Alexis Neidhart and the
“Moderates”—Audience of the Emperor—The Grand-Duke Paul and
his family—Audiences of the Empress Alexandra and the Dowager
Empress—The Grand-Duke Nicolas Mikhailovitch—Impressions of my
visit—Misgivings in political and Government circles—In popular
circles—Mutterings of revolution—German machinations—The
Germans increase their efforts to bring about a revolution in Russia
Return to Stockholm—Audience of the King—Russian “parliamentarians”
pass through Stockholm; I make Protopopoff’s acquaintance—The
Swedish Activists raise the Aland question—Wallenberg’s wise and
clever policy—M. Branting—All is serene—Bad news from Petrograd;
Stürmer, Rasputin, the Empress Alexandra—The Empress at General
Headquarters; idyll and tragedy; M. Odier; prophetic
verses—Brussiloff’s offensive—M. Protopopoff and the Polaks—Protopopoff’s
talks with M. Warburg—M. Pokrovsky—The rest of the parliamentary
delegation returns by Stockholm—M. Schingareff—Russo-Swedish
banquet—Baron Rosen—Count S. Wielopolski—Operations in
Galicia—Stürmer replaces Sazonoff—Sazonoff—A subaltern of the Guards has
done his whole duty; painful journey to Petrograd—Conversations
with Sazonoff; a band of malefactors—Count Wielopolski with
Protopopoff—I call on Stürmer—Sazonoff’s minute on the Polish
question—The Rumanians come into the war—Odious impressions of Petrograd
Return to Stockholm—Bad turn of affairs on the Rumanian front—Ferment
and disorder in Russia—Protopopoff, Home Secretary; his vagaries;
his madness—Prince Nicolas of Greece goes to Russia—I expect to
leave my post—Fall of Stürmer; succeeded by M. Trepoff—I retain my
post—The Protopopoff-Warburg incident begins to agitate the Russian
public—I emphatically contradict the Home Secretary—The Minister
for Foreign Affairs has again a perfectly honest man in view—Intense
agitation in all grades of Russian society—Murder of
Rasputin—Protopopoff’s increasing influence—The Trepoff Ministry is of short
duration—The situation becomes worse—Protopopoff and an American
spiritist—Rizov arrives from Berlin to talk to me; his curious
prophecy—“The Emperor must go” and a great illusion—The Revolution breaks
out and triumphs—Every one is happy and content—I adhere to the
Provisional Government

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