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(1918) [MARC] Author: Nils Forsander
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legends, and the gospel of good works taught by the Church
of Rome.

With becoming modesty Olavus Petri did not put
his name on this translation when it was issued from
the Royal Printing Office. Yet the learned historian
Messenius (d. 1637) certified that it was the work
of Olavus Petri, and so do all subsequent researchers
and critics. The tradition crediting Laurentius Andreæ
with the translation has been abandoned as groundless.
A literal reproduction of the first edition was published
with aid from the crown and from the Swedish
Academy in 1893, in connection with the quadricentennial of
the birth of Olavus Petri and the three hundredth
anniversary of the Council of Uppsala.

The Swedish New Testament of Olavus Petri was
published with a foreword comprising a translation of
Luther’s introduction to his German edition, with the
elimination of the last part, containing his estimate of
the different books, especially the Epistle of James,
together with the Swedish translator’s own reasons for
rendering the Scriptures into the Swedish tongue and
his explanations of certain words and fundamental
gospel terms. In the foreword we read: "For this reason
the New Testament is now issued in the Swedish
tongue, the Old to follow soon, with the help of God,
so that poor, humble preachers, who are little versed in
Latin, and unacquainted with the Scriptures, and

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