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(1869) [MARC] Author: Rasmus Rask
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for the Study of Foreign Languages

published by


Foreign Bookseller and Publisher,

24 Brook Street, Grosvenor Square, London W.
German Language.
The Child’s German Book, by Hahn. 5th Ed. 12mo. Cloth030
Schmid, Ch., One Hundred German Tales, by Mathias. 4th Ed.020
Hahn’s Interlinear German Reading Book (Hamiltonian Syst.)026
Geisler, the first book of German Poetry. 12mo. Cloth . .026
Lessing’s Fabeln, with english Notes by Hill. 12mo. boards016
II. For the Class Room.
Julius German Writing Copies: “the best published” 3rd Ed.016
Thimm’s German Copy Book “Julius’s System” 4to . . .016
Hahn’s German Tales and Stories, with english Notes, Cloth036
Carové’s Märchen ohne Ende, Notes by Mathias. 16mo. Cloth020
Schmid’s German School Plays with Notes by Hill, Cloth050
Kotzebue’sDeutsche Kleinstädter, notes by Meissner .020
Pagenstreiche,                ditto. .020
Thimm’s History of German Literature 12mo. Cloth. 2nd Ed.050
Meissner’sGerman Exercise Book, 8vo. Cloth . . . .026
Key to ditto                        8vo. . . . .020
Geissler’s The Most beautiful German Ballads and Poems050
Franck’s Deutscher Briefsteller (German Letter Writer)036
Schiller’sWilhelm Tell, english Notes by Meissner . .020
Neffe als Onkel, with english Notes by Meissner016
Goethe’s Egmont, english Notes by O. von Wegnern . .020
French Language.
Child’s French Book by Hahn. 12mo. Cloth . . .030
Ahn’s French Class Book. 4th Ed. Cloth . . . .016
Poesies de l’Enfance par François Louis. 12mo. boards026
Ahn’sFrench Reader, with english Notes. 8vo. Cloth016
French Grammar, 8th Ed. 8vo. Cloth . . . .036
Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme, with english Notes
by Dudevant . . . .



FRANZ THIMM’SFrench Self-taught, a new System on the most

simple principles. 8vo. sewed, “one Shilling.”
German Self-taught — “one Shilling.”
Italian Self-taught — “one Shilling.”
Spanish Self-taught — “one Shilling.”

24 Brook Street, Grosvenor Square, London.

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