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(1923) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen - Tema: Russia
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dependent on the economic condition of the
country, It is not enough for the Government
to proclairn in theory that " the school and
university are for all " ; there must be funds to
carry out this programme. After having under
taken the immense task of educating all the
children in a nation of over a hundred million
people, the Government understood that the
financial means required were utterly dispropor
tionate to the country’s total resources,
On the other hand, higher education, of far too
theoretical and political a character, has not
achieved—from the point of view of communist
propaganda—the expected results. The time for
abstract discussions and revolutionary propaganda
is past. The great work which has to be done
now in Russia is the country’s economic restora
tion—not the people’s conversion to the doctrines
of Marx and Bukharin, Many of the young people
who have recently finished their university training
stand bewildered in face of the technical problems
which political discussions have not taught them
to solve, They have difficulty in tinding a place.
in the Russian organisations which are now being
created on normal commercial lines, and they form
a kind of new M intellectual proletariat,"
Thus we now see an interesting tendency in
Russia to put technical education first, as being
more urgently necessary for the country than pure
learning, and in particular than politico-social
theories. The need is for practical men, and
not for those who are locking for formulas and

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