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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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stations on Vaigach and at Yugorsky Shar ; and one
was also to be established on Yamal. It is true they
were not yet completed and open for traffic ; but it was
promised that they would be able to telegraph by the
time wc wanted them, and in any case ships fitted with
wireless had gone there and would be able to give us
information of the ice conditions.
But on the voyage east wc could establish no con
nexion with them, and as far as they were concerned
the wireless was of no use to us.
The crew of the Correct, as usual nowadays in
Norwegian vessels, was a mixture of all nations. The
mates and the engineer and two or three of the hands
were Norwegians, but the rest were Englishmen, Scotch
men, Finns, Swedes and Danes.
As ice-pilot wc took on board at Tromso Captain
Hans Christian Johansen, who knew these waters from
many previous voyages. At the time of Nordenskiold’s
expedition in the Vega, in 1878, he took the steamer
Lena from Norway along the coast of Siberia to the
mouth of the Lena. He then went up that river to
Yakutsk, and for several years after that time he ran
the steamer on the River Lena. In the years 1883 and
1884 he commanded Sibiriakov’s steamer Nordenskiold,
and was to have tåken her to the Yenisei estuary ; but
unfavourable ice conditions and other things prevented
him. Afterwards he bought the sloop Gjoa, and used
her for whaling in the Polar Sea for several years, until
in 1901 he sold her to Roald Amundsen, who made his
famous voyage through the North-West Passage in
her. More recently Captain Johansen has commanded
a small steamer, the Victoria, in the Polar Sea. With
his long Arctic experience he was naturally a very
valuable man on board, when it came to going through
the ice.

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