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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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A Samoyede boat arrives : Samoyedes on board : Life of the
Yamal-Samoyedes : Northward through the ice : Packed
ice : Another Samoyede boat comes : Eating raw fish : The
THE westerly wind on our beam drove us slowly
in towards the land. As wc came nearer wc
could make out people moving on shore by the beacon ;
they seemed to be standing up there on the level ground
and gazing at us. Were they Samoyedes ? Or were
they perhaps Russians, who had just come here to set
up the wireless station ? Wc could not tell.
Soon after, in the inlet north of the beacon, wc saw
a boat with a mast. This made it seem probable that
they were really Russians who had come here, and as
it was important to hear something about the ice
conditions, wc decided to have a run ashore while the
Captain was asleep. But first wc had to have dinner.
When this was disposed of and wc were all ready
to row off, Johansen sang out from the crow’s-nest
that a boat was putting out from land. There was
great excitement on board. Were they Samoyedes or
Russians ?
Then wc could see the men in the boat with our
glasses across the scattered floes. At any rate they
wore Samoyede reindeer tunics with hoods over their
heads ; and, as Loris-Melikov said, they looked more
mate sculling : Vet another Samoyede boat

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