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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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Ice and lifeless waters : Our life on board : Big floes of thin
ice : Ground-ice : A dangerous block : Fog and ice : Un
broken ice : The dirty ice of the Arctic : Walrus : Ice closing
in : The wind breaks up the ice : A land channel : Out of the ice
FTIHURSDAY, August 14. Wc lay at anchor all
-*- night and the next day as well. There was
remarkably little movement in the ice; wc saw the
same floe for a long time. But there was a good deal
of tidal current setting southward along the land for a
time, and then northward again. In the afternoon
there was a little more movement in the ice, but
nothing very great.
What deserted waters these are ! A solitary ringed
seal quietly puts its head up now and then and stares
at us ; otherwise there is no life to be seen in the sea.
The only birds we have seen are a few flights of long
tailed ducks, but scarcely a gull here among the ice,
and not a single guillemot. I have hardly ever seen so
little life in the Arctic Ocean before.
Nor have I ever before lam at anchor in the ice.
The usual plan, of course, is to make fast to a floe ;
but wc have no ice-anchors, and this method seems
to answer as well.
It is calm, with only a light breeze from the east
or south-east. It keeps misty all day, and there is
little to be seen around us. There seems to be a good

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