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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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deal of ice, and we can make no headway until it lifts.
There is nothing to be done but to spend the time as
pleasantly as one can indoors. Lied and Loris-Melikov
play chess when they have nothing else to do. The
Captain smokes a long pipe and looks on, or else makes
himself comfortable with a book. Vostrotin and I
take photographs and develop them. Now and then
Lied and Loris-Melikov do the same, when they can spare
time from their chess. They have converted the bath
room and the guests’ cabin into dark rooms, and I have
done the same with the captain’s cabin, where I sleep.
Johansen appears from time to time in the saloon and
tells about his experiences in Siberia, or his voyages
in this Kara Sea, or with Nordenskiold, or in the Arctic.
The steward arrives with supper, and the chess
players and photographers have to clear the table,
so that he can lay it. Then we have a cosy meal and
a long chat to follow. After supper there is a turn on
deck, to see how everything is on board and outside,
and then we go in again and the cards are brought
In the evening the ice began to drift more rapidly,
and we had several bumps from passing floes. At
about midnight, as we sat playing boston, a big floe
came drifting on to the bows, so that we dragged our
anchor. There was nothing to be done but to heave
it up and go round the floe ; but when we were once
started, the Captain thought we might as well keep
on as far to the northward as we could find open water
in the fog.
There was nothing to be seen, but we kept going
till five in the morning, when wc had to anchor again
after håving progressed 11 miles. The depth had
been pretty much the same all the time ; here it was
9| fathoms.

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