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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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above, the clear blue vault of the sky, and the flush of
sunset hovering in the misty vapours on the north.
As mild and peaceful as such a night in the Arctic can
Monday, August 25. Next day the weather was
clear, and at nine in the morning wc weighed anchor
and went southward. As wc stood out past one of the
little islets on the south side of Dickson Harbour, wc
saw two reindeer standing on its crest and staring at
us. It would not have been difficult to shoot them on
that little island ; but wc had no time, wc were obliged
to go on.
The water was quite open. The Captain had been
quite right in waiting over the day before. The con
ditions had entirely changed since wc entered Dickson
Harbour ; there was now no ice to be seen to the south,
and on the west it was also far away. To the south
of the promontory of Yefremov Kamen, which projects
from the mainland, some ice lay on both sides of us,
to westward and to landward ; but there was an opening
in the middle fully a mile broad. Then, some ten miles
or more to the south of this, there was an end of the ice,
and wc had open sea before us.
Wc followed the land that extends southward from
Dickson Island and forms the east side of the Yenisei
estuary. The depth is fairly regular, between 9 and 11
fathoms. The land is quite flat the whole way, with a
few beds of rock here and there on the shore. It slopes
abruptly along the sea. Its height seems to be about
the same here as on the north by Dickson Island, and
it has the appearance of being the same typical coastal
platform. These rocky knolls that stand up on the shore
may some of them have been islands, holms and skerries,
the space between them håving since been filled up with
river gravel, sand and clay. Then the sea has receded,

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