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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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the Angarå, issues from the world’s deepest lake,
The sources of the Yenisei, the Bei-Kem, Khua-Kem
and so on, rise in the mountains of north-western
Mongolia, at a height of more than 5000 feet, in the
neighbourhood of the sources of the Selengå and near
to Lake Kossogol, from which a tributary runs out into
the Selengå, which again falls into Lake Baikål, and
through the Angarå unites itself later with the Yenisei.
The Yenisei flows at a height of over 3000 feet
through the plateau of Mongolia to the borders of
Siberia. Here it forces its way through the Sayan
Mountains and falls to the lowlands, until on passing
Krasnoyarsk (558 feet) it flows out on to the immense
plains of Siberia, over which it runs northward to the
Arctic Ocean. At Yeniseisk it is 233 feet above sea-level.
All its greatest tributaries come from the east and
are : the Kan, Angarå, Podkåmennaya Tunguska and
Lower Tunguska, all mighty rivers with large basins
in the Siberian plains. The Yenisei in the lower part
of its course has a considerable width ; to the north
of Yeniseisk it is seldom less than a mile and a half in
width and often much more. Out here near the mouth
the width is something like 30 miles.
Every one going up the Yenisei must be struck with
the remarkable difference between the east and west
sides of the river. While the flat land on the east
is comparatively high and falls abruptly with a steep
bank to the river, a steeply sloping beach and relatively
deep water outside, the land on the west is strikingly
low. The steep river bank is not high, and the bare
sandy beach slopes quite gently to the water, with a
shelving bottom far beyond it, so that as a rule it is not
easy to approach this shore in a ship or boat.
The deepest channel usually lies nearest the east

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