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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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Now perhaps geologists will object that the bed of
the Yenisei is determined by a dislocation of the earth’s
crust, whereby the flat land on the west side of its lower
course has sunk, while the land on the east side is what
geologists call a "horst," which has remained standing at
its original level. This may be so to some extent, but
it does not exhaust the matter. The bed of the Yenisei
may for all that have shifted in the course of ages from
west to east, but have been partly checked in this east
ward movement by coming upon this dislocation of
the earth’s crust, in places where the beds of rock were
higher, and where it became more difficult for the river
to excavate to the right.
Many things point to the river-bed håving really
undergone such a movement in the course of time. It
is not only where wc have rocks remaining from the dis
location that wc find the right (east) bank considerably
higher than the left (west), but also where the banks
on both sides of the river consist of loose strata, and
where no dislocation has tåken place, there, too, the
eastern bank is considerably higher than the western ;
and this applies to long reaches of the lower course of
the river. It seems to me that the only explanation of
this state of things is a movement of the river-bank
towards the right.
It became noticeably darker here at night. Wc
were now nearly in latitude 72° N., and had come
a good way south from Dickson Island, which lies
in 73J°.
At midnight, when I had just undressed to crawl
into my bunk, the ship struck the bottom ; once, and
then a second time. They were heavy bumps, but she
scraped over.
I went out on deck ; others came running out too.

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