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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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grass out there in the spongy bog. So I had to give up
that bird too. Wc were pretty hungry, and wc had some
food with us, but there wasn’t so much as a dry spot to sit
down and eat upon, and it was not very tempting to
stand still with our soaked legs in that nasty drizzle.
After tramping about all day wc, too, had had
enough, and more than enough, and made for home
straight across the island. But here, for the first
time, wc came upon a broad lake ; wc went along it,
thinking wc should get round, but there was no end to
it, and it took us farther and farther out of our way.
So wc had to go back and try the other way round.
After that wc came upon endless swamps, where wc
sank in everywhere, often to high up the thighs. It
had been drizzling all day ; now it started to pour.
When at last wc drew near to the " convent " on the
shore from which wc had come, drenched to the skin
by bog below and ram above, a covey of fine big ptarmi
gan flew up. Their wings flashed so white through the
cold grey ram. The dog set after them in full cry.
They seemed to settle far away in a swamp, but were not
to be found again ; after håving done her bark the
pointer would only follow at my heel.
When wc reached the shore, our boat was gone. It
had returned to the ship, wc found out afterwards. Wc
then had to call at one of the tents, where by signs and
extraordinary gestures wc contrived to make some of
the Samoyedes understand that they would have to
row us aboard ; which they did with great glee, as soon
as they made out what wc wanted.
Wc now had a strong wind for some days, which
raised a good deal of sea in these broad channels, and it
was no weather for going far in boats so heavy to pull as
ours. Wc stayed on board most of the time, developing

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