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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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The deepest channel : A place feared by skippers : Motor
trouble : Pimen’s Grave and its legend : Karaulnoye : Yurak
camp : Kasanskoye, a brownie : Lukovåya Protoka : The
river bank and the excavating power of the stream : The first
trees : Sturgeon soup : Ananyino and the steamer Lena :
Siberian peasant types resembling Norwegian : In search of an
expedition : Steamboats and lighters on the Yenisei and the
ice-drift : Autumn fishing : A Yenisei-Ostiak and a civilized
WE then said good-bye to our kind hosts on board,
Captain Samuelsen and Mr. Lied, to the steward,
mates and crew, and to the Correct, which had been our
home for a few pleasant weeks. It was also good-bye
to Mr. Christensen, whose company wc should thus be
deprived of on the way up the Yenisei, as he had to
wait for the loaded lighters. Then wc took our leave
of the Russian officials, the captain of the Turukhansk,
the pleasant custom-house officer and the rest. Wc
went aboard our new vessel, got under way, and steered
southward in the ram and a stiff head-wind through the
broad channel between the islands.
The course wc had to follow was as a rule the deepest
channel of the river. It is true that the Omul did not
draw more than 7 feet, but that was quite enough to
put us aground on some of the numerous sand-banks,
if wc went outside the fairway, which is not very wide.
This is just the channel that the sturgeon follow in their

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