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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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and so the men pitched the whole supply into the river
without touching it.
Four or five miles from Kasanskoye there is a good
harbour on the east side of the river at Lukovåya
Protoka, in latitude 69° 48’ N. It lies inside a sand
bank and some islands, well sheltered, and has the
advantage, which is rare here, of deep water close in
shore. The only thing against it is that the entrance
is rather shallow ; but it must be possible to dredge it,
though there is a difficulty with the ice, which scrapes
up the bottom when it comes down in the spring. If
the entrance were made deeper, this harbour might be
available for large ships, and one would imagine that
it would be the very place for discharging and loading
the vessels that are to come from the west through the
Kara Sea, and the lighters that will come down the
Yenisei to meet them.
Wc had now come near the southern end of this
great widening of the Yenisei estuary, which is full of
islands and sand-banks. Soon the channel turned to
the east, and wc entered the narrower bed of the Yenisei
The banks of the Yenisei, like those of all these rivers,
have acquired their peculiar form from the great yearly
changes in the height of the water. During the great
flood of early summer the river rises between 15 and
30 feet—near the mouth, where the river is so wide,
the rise is of course not so great as here,where the channel
is narrower. The flood water, which runs at a greatly
increased rate, undermines the banks on both sides, and
the layers of sand and clay fall into the river.
In order rightly to understand how much the
excavating power of a river increases with its velocity,
wc must remember that the power of flowing water to
remove stones and gravel is increased by the sixth power

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