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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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A boat drawn by dogs : Verkhne-Imbåtskoye : The church :
Moonlight : At the priestfs : River transport with dogs :
Snaring capercailzie : Mirnaya by moonlight : Ridges :
Thicker forest, including fir : Sumarokova : A drunken gather
ing : A pleasant trader : The Yenisei-Ostiaks, their life and
their destiny : Wc visit them on the beach : A shaman : Old
religion : Caucasian political exiles
Y next morning, Saturday, September 13, wc went
on up the same river, through the same country,
and in the same sunny weather. The forest became
noticeably thicker, and coniferous trees began to be
plentiful on the west bank as well as the east.
After passing one of the villages wc caught sight of
a boat being towed along the bank by dogs. There were
three men in the boat. One of them sat aft, steering
with an oar to keep the boat clear of the bank, while
two dogs trotted along the edge of the water and pulled
the boat by a long line. They went quite fast, and
were nearly able to keep up with us for some distance ;
the dogs trotted along with a will and seemed quite
pleased ; they were only driven by shouts. This is a
common means of progression here, and is fairly rapid ;
a great deal of the mail is carried in this way between
stations upstream. Going downstream they generally
take the dogs into the boat, at any rate where there is a
strong stream. With a boat drawn by dogs they usually
reckon to go about ninety versts up the river without

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