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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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Ridges along the river : The goldfield : Monastirskiy
island : Osinovski rapids : Winter fishing for sturgeon in
the rapids : Work on the river-bottom in frost : Vorogovo,
the first telegraph station : Manure of no value in Siberia :
. Can only telegraph in Russian characters : A Tungus : A
pleasant trader and an unpleasant one : Romance of the
forest : Agriculture and cattle-raising : Continued difference
between the west and east banks : The village system and
freehold farming : Manuring and rotation of crops :
Timber sawn by hand : Nasimovo telegraph station, but still
only for Russian characters : Unsuccessful bread-hunt :
Aground : Kholmogorovo : Sturgeon : Rotten fish :
Arrival at Yeniseisk
T 10 a.m. wc weighed anchor and stood out again
to the southward from this lively trading
place, where one Ostiak boat after another was putting
out from shore. Soon the whole fleet would set
out for the forests and leave the village to celebrate
the semi-anniversary of the death of the trader’s father.
If the feast itself came up to the rehearsal wc had seen
the evening before, it must have been lively. Now
the question was, how soon wc could reach the rapids.
Much of the day was gone ; but the motor was working
well, there was calm, sunny weather, and we made
good headway.
The ridges, which wc had seen farther north in
land to the east of the Yenisei, here reached the river ;
and to the south of Sumarokova they pass to the west

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