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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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how much superfluous fodder they have to fill them
selves with to keep up their warmth, and how little
milk they can give. I asked how they managed about
feeding the cows, when they had no stalls, so that each
cow got its proper supply. Oh, they said, that was all
right. They just threw it in, and each cow could eat
as much as it liked. I was told that they usually
reckoned that a horse ate half a pood (18 lb.) of hay a
day, and in winter more than a pood (36 lb.), and
that a cow ate about the same, at any rate not less.
Another thing which gives one an insight into the
conditions in this country is that all boards and planks
are sawn by hand. Even Yeniseisk, a town with
about 12,000 inhabitants and quite 1000 timber houses,
has no saw-mill, everything being sawn by hand-power.
Imagine the quantity of wood that must be required
daily for every kind of use in a town built of timber,
and what a waste of man-power there is here. Kras
noyarsk, on the other hand, which is also to a great
extent built of timber, with something like 80,000
inhabitants, really has a couple of saw-mills, but even
there a great deal is still sawn by hand. I thought
it must be because labour was unusually cheap here.
But no, it was not. On the contrary, it is dear, a couple
of roubles a day. The gold-mining is responsible for
sending up all prices, especially that of labour. What
wonders could be performed in such a country even
by a traction-engine, burning wood and shavings, and
a circular saw.
It must however be acknowledged that much is
now being done to develop the country, and great
improvements have tåken place in the last few years.
At half-past nine in the evening wc anchored at
Nasimovo, where there is a telegraph station. Wc
went ashore to inquire for telegrams. After a good

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