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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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in our own saloon. For I had the good fortune to travel
with Mr. Wourtzel in his carriage the whole time,
and there we had our own magnificent comforts, and
saw nothing of the other passengers, except when we
were in the dining-car. But certain it is that one travels
at one’s ease in these trains. The Russian gauge being
broader than that of other countries makes the carriages
larger and broader, so that there is plenty of room in
them. A smooth-running train is particularly im
portant to one who constantly wants to write, and
in this respect the traveller in Siberia is well off.
One became quite at home in this magnificent
carriage, and it is always a pleasure to me to look back
on the time I spent there, in the agreeable and enter
taining company of my good friend Wourtzel, while
the wide country glided past our windows, spread out
like a map. During the uninterrupted journey to the
eastward, one’s soul seemed to expand and to absorb
little by little a whole new continent. One’s only
anxiety was that it would be impossible to digest all
these impressions and get them arranged in their right
places. New sights were continually presenting them
selves ; but one impression recurred with ever in
creasing strength : that there is still room enough on the
earth, and it will not be overpopulated just yet ; for
here there are endless expanses, with great possibilities
only waiting to be turned to account. And of these
expanses we saw more, and ever more, the farther east
we came.

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