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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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the other side of the Golden Horn. But the trees have
now completely disappeared from these heights, partly
through wanton destruction, partly through being
felled for the sake of the fortifications. But the land
scape still retains great beauty.
On returning from the heights wc visited the town
museum, where, amongst other things, there is a
valuable ethnographical collection, with objects be
longing to the Golds, Gilyaks, Oroches, Kamchadales,
Chukchis, and other peoples. Here I was able to study
the different types of ski and dog-sledges used by
these peoples of Eastern Asia. But it is remarkable
what a great resemblance there is in the forms of
these appliances throughout the whole of Siberia. One
reason for this may be the great diffusion of the
Tunguses ; with their many different tribes they are
spread all the way from the Yenisei to the Pacific.
In a steamboat kindly placed at our disposal by the
port authorities, wc made a trip towards the entrance
of the Golden Horn. One saw defences and forts
and guns on every island and tongue of land wherever
one turned, which to the unwarlike mmd of an ordinary
traveller gives a certain discordant impression of dis
comfort and unrest in the midst of such beautiful
and peaceful scenery. Along the shores in many places
were thick woods of oak, which still kept their leaves,
though they were somewhat yellow. But then the
entrance opened out and wc looked straight out to sea,
into the Pacific—though strictly speaking it was not
the ocean itself, only an arm of it, the Sea of Japan.
Far out on the horizon in the middle of the entrance,
lay a rocky island, and on it a fort—and on the rocky
heads that jutted out far away on both sides were also
Then wc turned back. Seen from the harbour the

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