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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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afternoon. There were three classes ; the children
looked healthy and strong. The town seemed to be
well situated, on a flat sandy eminence ; it was a good
way down to the river, and this does not seem a happy
arrangement for traffic ; the best port is also some dis
tance farther down ; but there the land is lower and
would hardly afford so healthy a situation for the
From Alexéyevsk the railway proceeds to the north
west, about midway between the rivers Amiir on one
side and Séya on the other, which latter in the whole of
its upper course runs approximately parallel to the
Amiir, until, a little to the north-east of Alexéyevsk,
it turns at right-angles and flows to the south-west.
The railway follows the highest line of flat country
which forms the water-parting between the two rivers,
and it ascends very gradually, at first over a wide,
rolling plain, which is relatively fertile, and is what
American geographers would call a typical " peniplain."
The station of Gondatti, which lies on this plain, about
sixty miles from Alexéyevsk, is 925 feet above the sea.
The plain goes on beyond it, but ascends little by little
to the higher hill country, until, after the station of
Keråk, at a height of 2230 feet above the sea, the line
reaches the watershed between the sources of the Séya
and the little river Never, which falls into the Amiir.
The line continues through hill country of somewhat
varying altitude, until arriving at the border of Trans
baikalia, where it ascends still higher.
The forest along this whole extent of country is
fairly thin, and becomes thinner the higher wc go. It

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