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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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kind of gneissic granite, everywhere in this country ;
I saw no sign of stratification. Gold is present every
where along these rivers, great and small, and gold
washing is carried on in many places.
In the evening, beyond the river Urka, we crossed
the border of the Amiir District and entered Trans
baikalia again. We now have a straight line before us,
and can keep going with the train till late in the evening
in the moonlight through the wild and desolate hill
country, which is more broken up and varied than
before. At first it sloped gently down towards the
river Arnasår, and we stopped for the night at the
station of the same nåme. It was cold now, —12° C.
(10-4° F.).
Friday, October 16. The line continues with a
gradual ascent up the valley along the Amasår. Many
convicts were at work on this part of the line ; we saw
gangs of them with their soldiers, and at Rasdolni there
was a regular little town of prisons, with a big church
in the middle. Beyond Penkovaya station the line
winds upward at the steepest gradient permitted,
8 in 1000, to the water-parting between the Amasår
and the Black Uryiim. We are here about 2800 feet
above the sea, the highest point on the whole Amiir
line. On the other side it descends again in a great
curve past Arteushka station, and then slopes gently
down through the valley by the side of the Black
Uryiim. From the top of this valley, near the water
parting, we had a distant view of the place where the
celebrated gold-mines belonging to the Imperial Cabinet
are situated, which are said to have produced between

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