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crucibles or as bar-iron or strips for such purposes where its most prominent qualities,
toughness and high resistance against corrosion, are needed, as for tubes in fireboxes, &c.


The Bessemer process was introduced in Sweden at a very early date and it was
in fact through the efforts of the Swede, G. F. Göransson, later founder and owner of the
Sandviken Steel Works, that the Bessemer process was made a success, the first
successful Bessemer charge in the world being blown by him at a small work, Edsken, in
July 1858. Already 1862-1863 the Bessemer works at Sandviken were built and the
process was later rapidly introduced at other places, as it seemed well adapted for

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Mining and export of iron ore.

Sweden with its pure ores and large resources of water power, making a cheap running of
the necessary blowing engines possible. In later years, however, the competition from
the open hearth process has caused a retrograde in the manufacture of bessemer steel.
The Bessemer plants in Sweden are working with charcoal pig iron taken directly from
the blast furnace without remelting in cupolas. Its composition is somewhat different
from what is generally used in other countries and is characterized through a fairly low
contents of silicon, balanced by a relatively high percentage of manganese. Owing to
this circumstance and the purity of the pig iron, Swedish acid Bessemer steel cannot
be compared regarding quality with ordinary Bessemer steel. It is of a far higher grade
and is chiefly used as tool steel for rock drills and especially for edge tools for which
purposes it possesses excellent qualities.

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