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Hagfors Steel Works.



THE .Uddeholm Co., Ltd., carries on the manufacture of iron and steel at the
combined "Uddeholm Works," as they are called,-Hagfors, Munkfors, Storfors,
Nykroppa and Brattfors in the province of Vermland. The necessary ore is obtained
by the Company mainly from its own mines in the iron district of Eastern Vermland,
and transported to the various works by its own railways. Certain ores are also brought
from more distant iron-fields in which the Company has shares, e. g., from the far
distant Tuolluvaara in Lapland. Charcoal for the manufacture of iron is had from
the Company’s forest estate in Vermland, and electric energy is supplied by its own
power stations, built at waterfalls in the main river of the district, the Klarälven
("Clear River"), and its tributaries, as well as on other water-courses within and
outside the boundaries of the Works.

The Company’s business is by no means limited to the production of iron and steel,
but all the natural resources found in its extensive possessions are taken full advantage
of. Forestry is carried on on a large scale, and the refining of the products from this
branch takes place at saw-mills, sulphite and sulphate factories, and establishments
for other chemical industries, with a central port of shipment at Skoghall, on Lake

III: l - 20375. Iron and Steel in Sweden.

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