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View of the blast-furnaces, charcoal sheds and the smelting works.



Situation: Porjus, Lappland. Postal address: Porjus, Sales Office: Stockholm 1.
Cable address: Remind, Stockholm.

company was formed in 1916 for Pig Iron making from iron ore by means of
I electric power at Porjus. The powe^r required for the purpose has been secured
by the company by long contracts with the Swedish Government for delivery from
the large power plant erected at the Porjus waterfalls in immediate neighbourhood
of the smelting plant. The iron ore is brought from the Lappland iron ore mines
Gellivara and Kirunavara which are situated at a short distance from Porjus, thus
making the freight for ore as low as possible. The charcoal, the second main raw
material for the Pig Iron production, is obtainable from the neighbouring railway

Plant. Two electric blast furnaces and three electric ferro alloy furnaces.

Products. Export Pig Iron, Foundry Pig Iron, Pig Iron for malleable steel and
crucible steel and also Ferro Alloys: Ferro Silicon, Ferro Manganese, Silico Manganese.

Communications. The Government normal gauge railway to the export harbours
Luleå, Narvik and Gothenburg.

Export. Part of the company’s production not being sold on the home market
is exported to Finland, Norway, Denmark, Great Britain, Germany and Japan.

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