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Riddarhytte Mansion.



AS most of our readers are aware, Central Sweden embraces i large mining district,
which Swedes call "Bergslagen" (Cf. "The Black Country" in England). Its
boundaries are difficult to define exactly, but they may be considered as forming an
irregular hexagon, the angles of which are situated at Falun and Gefle in the north,
Östhammar and Uppsala in the east, Örebro in the south and the tiny Bergslag town of
Filipstad in the west. It is in the heart of this district that the Riddarhytte Company
has its sphere of activity, which includes the mining and selling of ore, trading in timber
and the production of iron. The chief centres of the Company’s operations are the
works of Riddarhyttan, Gisslarbo and Hultebo.

At RIDDARHYTTAN, iron and copper ore are mined and refined, besides which
pig-iron and sawn timber are produced. The Works at GISSLARBO manufacture rough
bars and billets from pig-iron produced at Riddarhyttan. There is also a saw-mill
here. HULTEBO has iron mines and concentrating plant.


Riddarhyttan is situated about ninety miles W.N.W. of Stockholm, at the northern
terminus of the narrow gauge railway Köping-Uttersberg-Riddarhyttan. It is also
connected with Krampen station on the State Railway Krylbo-Mjölby by a local line

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