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Iron Works and Saw Mills at Hellefors, with the River Svartälven in the foregrund.



THE Hellefors Works Co, Ltd, a branch of the "Wargöns Aktiebolag/’ is one of
the largest corporations in the middle of Sweden. It produces iron and steel,
mechanical wood-pulp, sulphite- and sulphate pulp, sawn timber, joinery and
box-boards. It mines, for its own requirements and for sale, ore from its own iron-ore fields.
At a large number of its own power-stations, situated on the Black River ("Svartån")
and its tributaries, the Company produces electrical energy which is widely
distributed to its own works and outside customers. The Company also grows timber on
a large scale, and an extensive private railway system runs right through the
Company’s forests which cover several hundred thousand acres in the parishes of
Gryt-hytte and Hellefors in the government district of Örebro, of the parish of Gåsborn
in the province of Värmland and the parishes of Järna, Äppelbo and Säfsnäs in the
Kopparberg government district. This railway connects the different industrial
centres, placing them in direct communication with the railway systems of the
country and, in combination with the water-ways, facilitating scientific forestry. As
a result of the present high prices of fuel, these cheap methods of transport make
it possible to utilize all waste timber which has now to a great extent replaced the
fuel that was formerly imported.

The general management is at Hellefors, where the Company has erected iron-works,
a wood-grinding mill, a sawmill, a box factory and joinery works. Sulphite- and
sulphate pulp is manufactured at Fredriksberg, which is under the Gravendal management.

Ill: 11 - 20375. Iron and Steel in Sweden.

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