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i en blandning, hvarför densamma med fördel kan användas att
påvisa en eventuel efterapning af den patenterade produkten.

Slutligen må äfven ett uttalande af Mr. B överton Bedwood återgifvas.
Uttalandet är dagtecknadt London 27 Sept. 1897.

»Report on the Solid Lubricants or Solidified Mineral Oiis prepared
by Dr. Ekenberg of Stockholm.

In accordance with the instructions of M:r Lars Montén of
Stockholm, conveyed through Messrrs George Haller & C:o, I have made a
careful study of the process of producing solidified mineral oiis for
lubricating purposes, patented by D:r Martin Ekenberg of Stockholm.
I have also made an exhaustive examination of a large number of
samples supplied to me as typical of the range of products obtainable
by the adoption of the process in question.

I have devoted special attention to the subject of lubricants and
the lubrication of various classes of machinery for many years past,
and it has therefore been easy for me tö institute a critical comparison
between D:r Ekenberg’& products and the lubricants hitherto used.

The process patented by D:r Ekenberg is based upon the selection
of a novel solidifying or thickening agent, viz. the acids of wool-fat,
which are essentially diflerent in chemical composition from the fatty
acids, such as oleic or stearic acid, ordinarily employed in the form
of soap for producing the thickening or solidification of mineral oiis,
and my investigation has led me to the distinct conclusion that the
process must be regarded not only as novel, but of very considerable
industrial importance, in view of the marked superiority of the
products yielded.

Wool-fat is a complex substance, and apparentby some of the
unsaponifiable constituents of the wool-fat acids, such as cholesterin,
exert a peculiar and highly beneficial effect in facilitating the solution
of the saponified portion in the mineral oil. A far möre intimate
physical association of the ingredients than has hitherto been possible
is thus obtakied, and the resulting products possess characteristic
pro-perties of high value.

I find that D:v Ekenberg’s solidified oil are homogeneous,
transparent, and slightly darker in colour than the oiis from which they are
prepared. They usually possess at common temperatures an
ointment-like consistency, but this may be varied within wide limits by the
proportions of the ingredients, and they exhibit in a high degree the
important desideratum of softness coupled with high meltingpoint.
When exposed to moderate changes of temperature such as they would
be subjected to under varying climatic conditions, their consistency
remains practically unchanged, and when heated to temperatures above
their melting point they fuse into perfectly transparent, homogeneous
liquids without separation or decomposition, resuming their original
condition on cooling. During the period of four months över which
my experiments have extended, I have observed no tendency to
exu-dation or any other alteration on keeping. The products are practically
anhydrous, whereas ordinary thickened mineral oiis frequently contain
a notable percentage of water, and the proportion of mineral matters

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