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Preface to the Electronic Edition

Swedish evening newspaper Aftonbladet first appeared on Monday December 6th, 1830, edited by Lars Johan Hierta. Holding liberal views, Aftonbladet's importance was fundamental in the fight for freedom of the press in Sweden.

This is Project Runeberg's electronic facsimile edition of that very first issue. Read about Aftonbladet in Lundstedts Sveriges Periodiska Litteratur, 2, sid 40 f!

Aftonbladet still exists. Having changed owners and political colors several times, it today holds social democrat views. On August 25th, 1994, Aftonbladet was the first Swedish newspaper to appear on the web, www.aftonbladet.se.

The four page images presented here (the entire issue) were scanned in 600 dpi bitonal from a full size paper facsimile that appears in Henrik Schück and Karl Warburg, Illustrerad svensk litteraturhistoria, 2nd ed., 1915, vol. 4, between pages 112 and 113. The book by Schück and Warburg is covered by copyright until the end of year 2017 (because Schück died in 1947), but we only copied their facsimile of Aftonbladet and nothing written by Schück. For presentation on the web, the images have been scaled down to 150 dpi grayscale, thus appearing slightly larger on most computer screens than on paper.

The above contents can be inspected in scanned images: 1

Korrstapel / Proof bar for this volume

Innehåll / Table of Contents

Titel och innehåll - 1
Eldsvåda i Masthugget - 1
Annonser och kungörelser - 1
Utländska nyheter - 1, 2
Inrikes nyheter - 2
Jubelfesten - 2, 3
Om det nya årets förhoppningar - 3, 4
Kaleidoskop - 4
Prenumeration - 4

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