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Media Coverage of Project Runeberg

They are writing about us and we like that! If you find anything about Project Runeberg in the press, radio, TV, books, or elsewhere, tell us, and we will tell the world.

If you want to make a feature on Project Runeberg, you are welcome to contact us and we will help you! Below, you find a list of the coverage we have had in the past. If you want to read more, you should look at

May 1999 - D-lib Magazine
Under the heading "Point to Point", the May 1999 issue of D-lib Magazine features a short pointer to Project Runeberg.
March 1999 - Searcher
Guest columnist Henrik Eismark (one of our Danish volunteers) wrote an article about Project Runeberg in Searcher. The Magazine for Database Professionals, March 1999, pp. 32--33.
29 Jan 1999 - Svensk Bokhandel
Hans Arby, Entusiaster bygger virtuella bibliotek, SvB 2/1999. Artikeln handlar huvudsakligen om Projekt Runeberg, och nämner arbetet med de elektroniska faksimilutgåvorna under hösten 1998, men tar även upp andra svenska "virtuella bibliotek".
18 Sep 1998 - Dagen, page 14
Niclas Ekström writes an article in Swedish newspaper Dagen about classic literature on the Internet, mentioning Project Runeberg.
7 Apr 1998 - Svenska Dagbladet, page 12
Publisher Per I Gedin writes a review of Litteraturens ställning, an anthology of literature sociology, in which Jens Liljestrand has written a chapter on literature on the Net (Litteraturen och Internet), mentioning Project Runeberg.
Dec 1997 - Internet World
Project Runeberg described and illustrated on two pages in this Swedish magazine.
28 Oct 1997 - Svenska Dagbladet, page 14
Lars Gustafsson writes about interactive computer games, mentions Project Runeberg (as a counterexample).
27 Jul 1997 - Göteborgs-Posten, page 34
Margareta Krantz writes an article about literature on the Net, Från klassiker till debutanter på nätet.
10 Jun 1997 - Arbetet Nyheterna, page 5
Darko Cvijanovic writes about free e-texts on the Net, mentions Project Runeberg.
27 Mar 1997 - Skolen i Norden
Lars Aronsson writes a two page article about "Nordisk litteratur på Internet". This magazine is published two times each year by the Nordic Council of Ministers and is distributed for free to schools and school authorities in the Nordic countries.
26 Feb 1997 - Svenska Dagbladet, page 37
Rikki Neumann writes an article about Project Runeberg on the opening day of the annual Swedish book sale, pointing out that books come for free on the Internet.
16 Feb 1997 - Dagens Nyheter
Ole Hessler, in an article on page B1, goes looking for his own family name on the Internet, and ends up at Project Runeberg, where one Hessler is a main character in "Livets fiender", a novel by Oskar Levertin.
5 Feb 1997 - Svenska Dagbladet, page 34
Johan Svedjedal writes about Peter Curman's initiative to Print On Demand, mentions Project Runeberg.
25 Jan 1997 - Svenska Dagbladet, page 46
Lisbeth Borger-Bendegard, Ingvar Karmhed, Lennart Nygren write about tulips (Tulpanernas tid är här), makes reference to Project Runeberg's Bilder ur Nordens Flora.
31 Dec 1996 - Svenska Dagbladet, page 25
Lars Gustafsson writes about the future of book business, mentions Project Runeberg.
14 Dec 1996 - Göteborgs-Posten, page 49
Review of Förvirringens år
9 Dec 1996 - Aftonbladet, pages 4-5
An article about Project Runeberg and the novel Förvirringens år.
15 Oct 1996 - Svenska Dagbladet, page 39
Ricki Neumann writes about art on the Internet, mentions Project Runeberg.
9 Oct 1996 - Aftonbladet, pages 4-5
Lars Ilshammar writes about Project Runeberg publishing Svensk författningssamling.
18 Jun 1996 - Expressen
Kjell Ekeberg, in his "På nätet" column, mentions Project Runeberg as the primary source of Nordic literature on the Internet.
22 Apr 1996 - Norrköpings Tidningar
"Jätte-projekt i hamn", by Per Fröberg, article about the complete text to the Swedish Bible now available from Project Runeberg. This article is a direct result of Project Runeberg's very first press release a few days earlier. Norrköpings Tidningar is the major daily newspaper in our neighbor town Norrköping.
20 Mar 1996 - Svenska Dagbladet, page 40
Lars Gustafsson writes about Star Trek and the teleportation in the Sci-Fi genre (beam me up, Scotty), mentioning Project Runeberg's Bilder ur Nordens Flora.
8 Mar 1996 - Computer Sweden, last page
"Bibeln gör sig bäst på skiva", by Pär Rittsel, commenting on the Swedish Bible on CD-ROM from a company called Scandinavian PC Systems. The product claims to include both 1917 and 1981 translations, but the article author only finds 1981. For 1917 he refers to Project Runeberg. Computer Sweden is Sweden's dominating computer weekly.
Feb 1996 - Datasaabs Vänner, issue #1-1996
"Projekt Runeberg, eller hur Lysator blev en kulturinstitution", by Lars Aronsson, documenting the early history of Project Runeberg. This is the magazine of Datasaabs Vänner a computer history society based in Linköping.
10 Jan 1996 - Dagens Nyheter, p. B2
"Scanningen gick bra", by Lars Ilshammar, short article about Project Runeberg, saying that our rush by the end of 1995 ended in success.
Jan 1996 - HTF-Tidningen, issue #1-1996, pp. 30-31
"CD-ROM - bokens dödgrävare?", two page article on culture on CD-ROM also mentions the Internet and Project Runeberg at Linköping University. This is the magazine of Handelstjänstemannaförbundet, a trade union for people employed in trade and business.
12 Dec 1995 - Dagens Nyheter, p. B2
"Tre veckor kvar!", by Lars Ilshammar, short article about Project Runeberg, saying that we are fighting against time at the end of 1995.
1995 - Karlfeldtbladet
"Elektronisk Karlfeldt - eller Karlfeldt i cyberspace", by Lars Falk, article Project Runeberg's publication of poetry by Erik Axel Karlfeldt. This is a magazine for the members of Karlfeldtsamfundet, a literary society.
24 Sept 1995 - Göteborgs-Posten, page 62
The author Peter Nilson writes an article about literature on CD-ROM and the Net, mentions Project Runeberg.
1 Sept 1995 - Scandinavian Studies, (ISSN 0036-5637), Fall 95, Vol. 67, page 516, 20 pages
Jerome E. Coffey of Montana State University writes an article on The scholar and the Web: Electronic resources for the Scandinavian scholar on the World Wide Web, mentioning Project Runeberg in appendix C, a list of online resources relating to Scandinavian studies.
30 Jun 1995 - Arbeiderbladet, pp. 6-7
"Litteratur for Internettuelle", articles about literature on the Internet. One of them "Sprer nordisk litteratur" focuses on Project Runeberg and contains an interview with project leader Lars Aronsson. Arbeiderbladet is a major Norwegian newspaper.
9 Mar 1995 - Aftonbladet
An article mentions Project Runeberg's problem with the copyright protection term being extended by 20 years, referencing a previous article by Lars Ilshammar's in Arena.
Feb 1995 - Aftonbladet Kultur, p. 9
"Behöver humanisterna Internet eller Internet humanisterna?", by Pelle Andersson and Patrik Andreassen, article that discusses the relation between intellectuals and the Internet mentions Project Runeberg. Aftonbladet Kultur is a monthly cultural magazine from one of Sweden's major newspapers.
31 Jan 1995 - Svenska Dagbladet, page 21
Lars Fimmerstad writes about literature on the Net, mentions Project Runeberg.
Jan 1995 - Datateknik, issue #1-1995, p. 9
"Projekt Runeberg befriar mästerverken", by Lars Aronsson, presentation to Project Runeberg, written in response to Linus Walleij's letter to the editors in issue #20-1994. Datateknik is a Swedish computer magazine.
1994 - FB Nytt, Författares Bokmaskin, issue #2-1994, p. 7
"Den Digitala Distributionen, eller snabel@ och vida världen", by Lasse Johansson, article about digital distribution of literary texts mentions Project Runeberg.
1993 or 1994 - Vi, pp. 20-21
"Vidgade vyer via nätet", by Kenneth Chreisti, article about Lysator mentions Project Runeberg. Vi is a magazine from Swedish Coop (Kooperativa Förbundet). Can you help us find the date or issue of this article?
3 Sep 1993 - Svenska Dagbladet, p. 20
"Grupparbete på nät", by Ricki Neumann, article about schools using the Internet mentions Lysator and Project Runeberg. Svenska Dagbladet is a major Swedish newspaper.
31 Jul 1993 - Östgöten
"Projekt Runeberg: Lars ger oss klassikerna på data", by Anneli Gustafsson, article about Project Runeberg with a large photo from Lysator featuring project leader Lars Aronsson. Östgöten is our second largest local newspaper.
22 Jul 1993 - Dagens Nyheter, p. B2
"Elektronisk litteratur", by Niels Möller, short article about electronic literature mentions Project Runeberg and Lysator. Dagens Nyheter is Sweden's largest newspaper.
18 Mar 1993 - Helsingin Sanomat, p. C5
"Vänrikki Stoolin tarinat julkaistiin konekielellä", short article in Finnish introduces Project Runeberg when we had just published Fänrik Ståls sägner over the Internet. This was the first ever media coverage of Project Runeberg. Helsingin Sanomat is a major Finnish newspaper.

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