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About Project Runeberg

What is Project Runeberg?

What has Project Runeberg done?

Who is behind this?

Is this legal?

Can you trust Project Runeberg?


On this page: Ways to Use Project Runeberg - How it Works - How You Can Help

Ways to Use Project Runeberg

Hitta rätt i Projekt Runeberg
En vägledning som beskriver hur man bläddrar och hittar i den nordiska litteraturen på Internet.
Read our books on your 3Com Palm Pilot
Electronic books that fit in your pocket.

How it Works

Design Decisions of Project Runeberg
Explaining why we do it the way we do.
Electronic Editions
This text explains some of the administrative routines used by the editors of Project Runeberg. If you want to help the project as a volunteer, this information can be very useful to you. Even if you are only reading or using the editions that we publish, this text will give you a better understanding of how some things are organized.
Free Electronic Dictionaries
See our subproject Nordic Words, aiming to compile free dictionaries, and our scanned dictionaries.
Text Encoding Initiative (TEI)
Here you can find both the TEI P3 file list and the older TEI file list. Both lists are quite old, and it ain't getting any better.

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How You Can Help

We will help you! - Will you help us?
Project Runeberg is built on voluntary cooperation. There are many ways you can help us, and we hope we can help you. Help you to find the Nordic literature and art you are looking for. Help you understand how we work. This is "About Project Runeberg", a section of our project devoted to these matters. The structure of this section will improve. For the moment, send your questions to us by e-mail. We answer every letter!
Vi vill hjälpa dig! - Vill du hjälpa oss?
Project Runeberg bygger på frivillig samverkan. Det finns många sätt du kan hjälpa oss, och vi hoppas vi kan hjälpa dig. Hjälpa dig att hitta det du letar efter inom nordisk litteratur och konst. Hjälpa dig att förstå hur vi arbetar. Detta är "About Project Runeberg", en avdelning av vårt projekt som enbart handlar om detta. Just nu är den lite rörig, men det ska bli bättre. Om du undrar över något, skicka dina frågor till oss med e-post. Vi besvarar alla brev!

Korrstapel / Proof bar for this volume

Table of Contents

About Project Runeberg
Media Coverage of Project Runeberg
Frivilliga medarbetare
Sponsors and donations to Project Runeberg
What is Copyright?
How to Write Presentations of Nordic Authors
About Paper
Project Runeberg 1995 Swedish Front Page
Other Digital Library Projects
En nordisk kanon
A Nordic Canon
Design Decisions of Project Runeberg
Electronic Editions
Unicode character set
Commonly used Unicode characters
Support for 3Com PalmPilot
Support for Windows CE
PDF downloads
Datasets for Natural Language Processing and Text Mining
About Scanning and Images
Hjälp oss att scanna det vi saknar!
Så scannar vi
Capturing books with a digital camera
Korrekturläsning av elektroniska faksimilutgåvor
Proofreading an Electronic Facsimile Edition
Proofreading text with runes and other strange characters
Scanned by...
Scanned by Nasjonalbiblioteket
Project Runeberg Timeline
From LysKOM in July 1991
About Lysator's Gopher server in August 1992
Presentation i maj 1994
Announcement, April 1995
Inför bokmässan 1995
Letter to Swedish parliament, 16 October 1995
About our Hurry in the End of 1995
December 1995 front page
February 1996 front page
April 1996 front page
May 1996 front page
July 1996 front page
September 1996 front page
December 1996 front page
De 200 mest utlånade författarna i folk- och skolbibliotek 1996
March 1997 front page
April 1997 front page
System 1997
Kravspecifikation - 1
Godkännande av kravspecifikation - 1
Designspecifikation - 1
Teknisk Dokumentation - 1
Användarhandledning - 1
bif: Århundradets svenska böcker
SVT: Århundradets mest betydelsefulla böcker
Web Access Statistics
Cost of Electronic Facsimile Editions
Projekt Runeberg vs Rixlex
Encyclopedic Projects
17 December 1998 Front Page
Page Popularity Count
Project Runeberg's Electronic Facsimile Editions of Nordic Literature
System performance graphs with Munin
Website Statistics
10 July 2001 Front Page
21 Dec 2001 Front Page
22 Mar 2002 Front Page
22 Jan 2003 Call for discussion on sponsoring
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Pressmeddelande 22 juni 2004
July 2004 Front Page
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December 2004 Front Page
Redovisning av medel från II-Stiftelsens internetfond 2004
Avtal med II-stiftelsen 2004 - Avtal med II-Stiftelsen 2004, sidan 1, Avtal med II-Stiftelsen 2004, sidan 2
January 2005 Front Page
February 2005 Front Page
Tillväxtprognos 2003-2007
March 2005 Front Page
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Comparison of OCR output for blackletter/fraktur

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