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Dicke, Ludwig (1808–1858), linguist, Germany.

Carl Ludwig Dicke, born February 10, 1808 in Wesel, died June 8, 1858 in Büchenbeuren, Kreis Zell, near Düsseldorf, Germany.

He was the son of a baker Heinrich Dicke and Catharina Schmidt. He graduated from the gymnasium (secondary school) in Wesel in 1827. He studied theology and was vicar in Millingen 1840-1857 and after that in Büchenbeuren, Kreis Zell.

He wrote books for children and youth, for example "Das Buch der Natur, des Völker- und Menschenlebens" (1855), and compiled a dictionary.

L. Dicke seems to be the original author of a German book Mir oder mich? Der unentbehrliche Rathgeber in der deutschen Sprache. One edition spotted on ZVAB.com was published in Mühlheim/Ruhr. Bagel. 1859, 218 pages. The Library of Congress lists one copy from 1895 (11. verm. und verb. Aufl., printed Mülheim a. d. Ruhr, J. Bagel, 1895, LCCN 58053648). The German "national bibliography" (union online catalog of DDB.de) lists one copy printed in 1906.

Project Runeberg has published a Swedish work derived from Dicke's, Mir eller mich?, but it is not clear whether this is a translation or an original work inspired by Dicke's. The Swedish translator-or-author G. A. Nyrén on the title page also quotes German lexicographer P. F. L. Hoffmann as one of his sources, even though Hoffmann has not contributed to Dicke's work.

LoC also lists one copy from 1947 by another author, but anything from the 20th century is uninteresting here.

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