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Edmund W. Gosse

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Gosse, Edmund W., writer, Great Britain.

Edmund William Gosse, British literature scholar, with a special interest in the Nordic countries.

King Erik, 1876, London
Studies in the literature of northern Europe. With a frontispiece designed and etched by L. Alma Tadema, 1879, London
A history of eighteenth century literature (1660-1780), 1889, London
A short history of modern English literature, 1898
part 3 of a series of "Short stories of the literatures of the world", edited by E. Gosse
Two visits to Denmark 1872, 1874, 1911, London
Translated to Danish by Valdemar Rørdam, To Besög i Danmark 1872-1874, 1912, København
The Oxford book of Scandinavian verse. 17th century - 20th century, 1925, Oxford

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