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Jansson, Tove (1914–2001), writer, Finland.

Tove Marika Jansson, born in 1914, is a very popular author of children's books, especially the ones about the Moomin Trolls.

1952 tilldelad Svenska Dagbladets litteraturpris (delat med Ulla Isaksson, Bertil Schütt, Ragnar Thoursie och Sandro Key-Åberg)
1953 tilldelad Nils Holgersson-plaketten
1958 tilldelad Elsa Beskow-plaketten
1992 tilldelad Selma Lagerlöfs litteraturpris

The author Tove Jansson (b. 1914) has won much international fame for her creation of the Moomins, philosophical-minded, friendly trolls who live in Moominvalley. There are many books on their adventures, e.g Muminpappan och Havet (Moominpappa and the Sea). Her fantasy world charms with its richness, inventiveness and wisdom of life spiced with witty humor. The events and imagery flow freely and uninhibited, yet reflecting the phenomena of the real world.
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