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Erland Josephson

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Josephson, Erland (1923–2012), writer, actor, director, Sweden.

1957 tilldelad Svenska Dagbladets litteraturpris (delat med Birgitta Trotzig)
1994 tilldelad NoKs Kulturpris

Actor's Mission: Ernst Josephson

Reappering here with permission from Marian Varga

The first thing to come to one's mind after hearing this name is Ingmar Bergman. The famous Swedish director gave Josephson his first film role and they have been collaborators and close friends for 50 years. Last year, they made a TV movie In the Presence of a Clown together and they are currently planning further collaboration. "Working with Ingmar has always been a joy and a tremendous experience for me," said Josephson.

Erland Josephson was born in Stockholm, Sweden, on June 15, 1923 in a family with affinity for culture. He studied at the university in Stockholm, worked as an actor in theaters in Hälsingborg, Göteborg and, since 1956, has been a member of the Royal Drama Theater in Stockholm. He was its artistic director at the end of 1960s and in the beginning of 1970s. "I don't think that I was a disagreeable boss, but I returned to the status of a member of the ensemble after 10 years." The theater under his leadership successfully toured the whole Europe. Josephson gradually received offers with intriguing roles not only at home, but also abroad. He acted in theater of Peter Brook and made movies under Istvan Szabo, Andrej Tarkovskij, Liliana Cavani and Theo Angelopoulos.

He used his many talents also as a writer of screenplays, film director, playwright, author of radio plays, poet and a writer. For substantial periods of time, he held positions of Chairman of the Drama Institute, Swedish Theater Association and Swedish Actor's Association.

Besides, Josephson is undoubtedly connected to the Swedish theater history in his own way. One of his fathers-in-law, a great actor himself, was for a brief period married to August Strindberg's last wife.

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