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Sars, Ernst (1835–1917), historian, Norway.

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Johan Ernst Welhaven Sars, Norwegian historian, born 11 October 1835, died 27 January 1917. His mother was Maren Katarina Welhaven (1811-1898), sister to the poet Johan Welhaven.

Perhaps inspired by his brother Georg Ossian (1837-) and their father Michael (1805-1869), who both were zoologists, J.E. Sars applied an evolutionary perspective on the history of Norway, not bothering too much with historic detail, but indicating the country's inevitable evolution towards independence.



Coeditor of several publications: Nyt norsk tidskrift, Nyt tidskrift, Nyt tidskrift ny serie, Ringeren.

Udsigt over den norske historie, 4 vol., 1873-1891
This work was an important starter for the Norwegian movement towards independence from the union with Sweden (dissolved in 1905).
Historisk indledning til grundloven, 1882
4th ed. 1887
Samlede værker, 4 vol., 1911-1913
collected works (incomplete, but vol. 4 contains a complete listing of his works until 1913)

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