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(1838-1839) [MARC]
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Billed-Magazin for Børn

Første Aarg. 1838 Anden Aarg. 1839

Forord til den elektroniske utgave

Dette Billed-Magazin for Børn i frakturstil med to aarganger, udgivet af M. C. Hansen og K. O. Knutzen, er digitalisert i april 2012 af Nasjonalbiblioteket i Oslo og tilpasset for Projekt Runeberg i november 2014 af Ralph E.

This volume was scanned by the Norwegian National Library, from where the scanned images were copied to Project Runeberg. We very much appreciate that they have made this possible and want to encourage other digital library projects to follow their example. Read more about Project Runeberg's image sources.

Innhold / Table of Contents

Første Aarg. 1838
Anden Aarg. 1839

Korrstaplar / Proof bars for subvolumes


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