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Author: Fortunato Chelleri - Tema: Frihetstiden (Sweden 1719-1772), Music
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An electronic edition by Johan Tufvesson.

The work

This is an ouverture or suite in e minor by Fortunato Chelleri.

This edition

The original sources used for this edition were copies of some handwritten parts from the 18:th century. The copies where gratiously provided by The Music Library of Sweden in Stockholm. I have tried to be as close to the original as possible. In those cases where corrections have been made, they are eather above the staff, or within parenthesis. In those cases where, for example, violin 1 and 2 play in unison I have added dotted slurs to show the differences.

The music

Listed here are the score and separate parts, with one PostScript file each.

The source code for all music on this page is available as a ZIP file. The source format is PMX.

InnehÄll / Table of Contents

Title and contents
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