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(1910) [MARC] Author: Mary Karadja
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Orders—is, ipso facto, for ever excluded from the seventh
The seven Sacraments are links in an invisible
chain connecting Heaven and Earth : each link is
indispensable; none can be left out with impunity.
If the links in a chain are disconnected, then they are
transformed into useless encumbrances. The Church
of Rome has carefully preserved the seven links, but
only imaginary benefits can be derived from them in
their present condition. The mere fact of having
faithfully preserved them is, however, very much to its
credit. The Reformers threw overboard all the Mys-
teries that they failed to grasp, and played sad havoc
with the " Divinely-appointed Ordinances of Grace.’’
Bishop Cranmer was much mistaken when he de-
clared that there was no ground in Antiquity for con-
sidering the number of the Sacraments to have been
Systematic knowledge of the progressive phases of
Evolution was the Great Arcanum, imparted in all the
Ancient Mysteries. The Seven Sacraments are rungs
in the Mystic Ladder that Jacob beheld in his vision.
That ladder was well known to the Initiates of
Egypt, Greece, Mexico, India, and Persia. The
Egyptian Saviour, the Virgin-born Horus, was known
by the title tep-f-xet, that is, ’’ Lord of the Ladder."
The Ladder meets us in the Cave of Mithra and in

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