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(1910) [MARC] Author: Mary Karadja
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the Well of Life in the Great Pyramid, and the num-
ber of the rungs is invariably Seven*
As none of the Reformers had the slightest notion
of the Inner Meaning of the Sacraments, they kept
Two, and rejected Five !
In the Lutheran Catechism these latter are not even
mentioned. The Anglican Church is less radical: it
accentuates the importance of Baptism and Holy
Supper, but admits the others as " Minor Sacraments " !
Imagine a ladder on which the first and third rung are
alone left intact ! There is something almost tragical
in such a mutilated ladder : the two rungs left, fail to
bridge the yawning gulf
But a ladder on which two rungs are " essential " and
five rungs "of minor importance" is a distinctly queer
On the Roman ladder all the rungs are, happily,
intact, but, alas! it lies flat on the ground! As long
as it remains in that position it cannot be used as
a method of ascension. May the Spirit of Truth
illuminate the Leaders of the Church and engender
* Rev. J. Oliver states that the ladder with the seven steps was
used in the Indian Mysteries to designate the approach of the soul to
The ascent to the summit of the Paradisical Mount of God by means
of a pyramid consisting of seven steps was an old notion entertained—
before the vision of Jacob—by the Mexican savages. (Humboldt,
"Researches in America,^’ Vol. I., p. 86)

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