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(1910) [MARC] Author: Mary Karadja
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NESS (! ! !) because they are members of the Church,
which is Holy " (see Harold Browne’s " Exposition of the
Thirty-nine Articles," page 617.)
The Invisible Church is, indeed, Holy ! but of THAT
Church unregenerate men and women are NOT mem-
bers. There are no withered branches on the True
Vine : their fruitless condition proves conclusively that
they are not in spiritual union with Christ.
The Ceremony of Baptism, performed upon uncon-
scious infants, confers upon them the dubious benefit
of nominal immatriculation into one of the hundred
quarrelling sects into which official Christianity is split
up—that is all
There is hardly a criminal in Europe who has not
been baptized—unless, by chance, he be a Jew. The
very scum of Earth is admitted to nominal reception
of the Sacrament, which is stated to consist in " the
enlisting into the Army of Christ " !
One thing is certain : the Primitive Church ever
identified Baptism with Regeneration. Through this
Sacrament regenerating Grace was not merely pro-
mised, but actually bestowed.
Over-estimation of husk and shell is fatal to spiritual
I heard a few years ago an anecdote, which clearly
illustrates to what strange mental aberrations IGNOR-
ANCE and FANATICISM can lead even good and well-
intentioned men.

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