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(1910) [MARC] Author: Mary Karadja
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A certain Catholic Missionary in China rejoiced the
hearts of his Superiors by sending home glowing re-
ports concerning the splendid success which had
crowned his efforts :
—thousands of Chinese had from
his hands received the Holy Sacrament of Baptism
funds were urgently needed to carry on this magnificent
work. Considerable sums were sent out to the energetic
Missionary, who soon reported a large number of fresh
conversions. It was deemed necessary to send out
another Priest to assist tending this huge flock. On
his arrival the new-comer begged to be introduced to
the Christian Community.
With some embarrassment, his worthy Colleague
explained THAT they were all dead.
All ! ! ? ? Why ? Had there been an epidemic or
a massacre ?
Oh, no ! The reason was quite simple, yet somewhat
startling Female Infanticide is very common
in China. The good Priest, who loathed the thought
of all these poor little heathen babies going to hell,
had had the bright idea of purchasing the right to
baptize them FOR a Penny a head ! ! ! Before they
were drowned the poor little mites had solemnly been
admitted into the Holy Catholic Church and assured
an eternity of bliss.
The Salvation of an immortal soul at a penny a head
is certainly wonderfully good value for the money in-

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